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USED & NEW asics / miners from China

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We offer a huge range of services in China

П Finding providers of new mining equipment with the best price
Buying from proven farms of ex miners / asics
Rigorous testing before shipping
Guarantee for the transaction and for the goods
Hard drives 4-18TB
A large list of video cards for ethereum mining is available

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Greetings, dear partners of Sinomobi!

We are intensively developing the direction of mining equipment from China. We are increasing turnover, expanding the range, improving the quality of service and delivery times!


Today we offer a huge range of services for the selection of any

new and second hand mining equipment for your request:

Safe to buy from a farm or supplier in China.

Test thoroughly to make sure that the declared characteristics correspond to reality.

Pack and quickly deliver anywhere in the world.


Also, you should be aware that recently the Chinese government has been blocking the activities of large mining farms, and therefore ex ASICs are selling their equipment at super cheap prices. Now is the best time to enter this industry. For our part, we guarantee the speed and quality of the services provided.


Today we offer the following popular items for delivery at an excellent price:

Antminer E9, L7, S19, S19pro, Goldshell KD5, Innosilicon A10pro +, A10pro and many others. Almost everything is available for the order, please contact us!

Also, the entire list of GPU-video cards for Ethereum mining

3090/3070/3060 / 2060s / 5700TX / RX5500 / RX590 / RX5600 / RTX2080 / RTX2070 and many more.

Attention: important information!

Prices and availability change every day, and it is obviously impossible to keep the huge price list up to date. Therefore, contact us and clearly formulate your request: model-state-quantity! Correctly provided information will enable us to process your request faster.


We ship goods from our warehouse almost every day. At any time you can contact our employees at the warehouse and make sure of everything.


A small virtual visit to our office in Shenzhen, the world's largest electronics market, Huaqiangbei!

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