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iPhone Used

Wholesale of used iPhones in excellent condition . Directly from China at the best price

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Used iPhone

95-99% new phone
Used phones 7-14 days
Very stable devices
Original spare parts
Looking like new
60 days of warranty
Доставка до двери со страховкой

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Here we are to present you a few reasons why its worth considering Used iPhone. Gadgets that our company offers are well tested and in good condition .They look so good you could confuse it with a new device. Therefore used iPhones for many companies is a good opportunity to scale up their business .

Main reasons buying iPhone wholesale:

  1. High demand.With yearly upgrade cycles, there are regular chances to snatch shiny new phones, laptops, TVs, and wearables. But what if you aren’t worried about being on the leading-edge of technology? Or what if you want to save some money on your purchases?

  2. Which brings us to another significant reason considering used iPhone , lower price . At the very start of iPhone sales a lot of people having hard time affording themselves the latest model, even when money isn’t an issue , still getting new iPhone can be difficult due to the lack of stock or the absence of Apple retailer in the region . Thats why when Used start emerging in the market , they sure attract much attention cause of its price

  3. Good condition, Used iPhone - doesn’t nesascciry have to associate with broken , many customers return their gadgets for simply not liking it or lack of storage, Apple swipe out returned device with fully new and if detect no problem sells it further to their distributors only now they are labeled as «used» . Such phones proved to be very stable and despite being used they are still under official warranty from Apple .

Improve with us !

We invite you to cooperation

If you decide purchasing USED iPhones contact us in any way convenient for you . Once you see for yourself the quality and service we provide , then we can talk business together that would mutually benefit each other.

Также при сотрудничестве с нами можете рассчитывать на:

  • огромный ассортимент гаджетов (любые модели, разные цвета корпуса и объемы памяти);

  • конкурентную стоимость;

  • систему скидок (рассчитывается с учетом количества и объема заказанных партий);

  • техническую поддержку комплектующими по закупочной стоимости;

  • проверенный канал доставки со страховкой;

  • бесплатные консультации по развитию бизнеса.

Чтобы оценить нашу компанию, закажите пробную партию бу iPhone оптом. И если устроит качество товара, скорость доставки и другие бонусы – можно приступать к обсуждению дальнейших условий сотрудничества.


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