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1. Does the refurbished model have a warranty?

We do not refund the money for the refurbished models . In contrary you may demand the reimbursement if the phones are still under warranty, which is 45 days after receiving the shipment .

2. Which models have warranty ?


The warranty applies only on the refurbished models Grade A+(refurbished by Sinomobi).

3. How long is the warranty for Refurbished phones( refurbished by Sinomobi) ?

All of our refurbished phones have warranty 45 days after receiving by the customer
4. Warranty and returns ?

You may return your device if there are motherboard issues or request to be repaired IF theres an issue with :

 - Modem (no 4g or Wi-Fi)
 - Tristar USB failure
 - Touch Screen controller
 - Power Controller
We do not assist repairing devices which have issues with :  - Battery
 - Speakers
 - Cameras etc
The warranty covers only motherboard and doesn’t include the following:  - Battery
 - PCB’s
 - Camera
 - Speakers etc 5. What do you offer if motherboard breaks?

We’ve thought about that too ! Though it happens very rarely , we provide you with the additional spare parts if the quantity is over 20 pcs

6. What about USED handsets, do they have warranty ?

WE have no warranty for used phones , all of the spare parts are original. We test them very carefully to minimize the amount of faulty phones

7. Are there any spare parts that have warranty ?

Yes , there are ! We do cover displays .Just contact our managers , describe the problem and we will be happy to help !

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