Delivery of goods from China
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Sinomoby Express
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Delivery from China

Delivery of goods of any size and weight, turn-key by all types of transport, under the best conditions in the logistics services market.

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Our automated algorithms save considerable time on delivery times


All shipments are insured and packed in high-quality export packaging


We do not change tariffs after shipment. We offer specials to our regular customers.

The services we provide

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Offers for businesses

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We will make a calculation and provide a full estimate


Why is it profitable to work with us

In our work, we adhere to the principles of continuous optimization and improvement of processes.

  • the routes that we offer are rational and logical, without unnecessary stages;
  • due to the large scale of transportation, we can guarantee a favorable tariff for you;
  • the introduction of effective automated tools allows quick calculation of the cost and response to customer requests;
  • high order processing speed - that's why our customers receive their shipments on time;
  • built-up and mastered interaction with partners, freight forwarders, our representatives in China and all participants in the process of cargo delivery.

Why choose us

We have an open policy and we really appreciate the opinion of our customers


Fast application processing and feedback saves you time! Due to fast delivery times, we increase your capital turnover


At the stage of acceptance and processing of your cargo, we check the condition of the packaging and the integrity of your goods carefully


Regular customers receive special delivery tariffs! For our VIP partners search, product verification and translation services are completely free!


All cargo is insured at full cost. Transportation is carried out in traceable containers and only by verified contractors.