Delivery of goods from China
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iPhone / Used iPhone / iPhone Supply from China

Wholesale iPhone from China. The best combination of speed / price / reliability for the supplied equipment. Our specialists will always help with the selection of components and trusted suppliers will deliver and configure the devices in a short time.

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Sinomobi has been providing a service for the supply of refurbished used phones to order from China since 2010. We are focused only on high-quality assembly. The supplied phones are not from components after repair but from serviceable used devices that have not been repaired before. We work with the following iPhone models: 6/6s/7/8/8+/ X/11/12/ 12pro/13/13pro

Условия сотрудничества

Мы предоставляем сервис и услуги по заказам

от 5000$


Our criteria for the delivery of refurbished (refubrished) iPhones

  • The phones have new batteries installed
  • Phones do not use "soldered" boards
  • Lower data loops have been replaced in phones
  • We guarantee the build quality
  • Each device has been tested on 45 points
  • Our reliability statistics is less than 2% of returns

Prices are updated automatically


Special prices for iPhones from China (delivery from 20 pcs.)

Limited offer for refurbished phones. Each of them has an original screen and a new battery.

  • iPhone 7 32 / 128 - 127/135$
  • iPhone 8 64 / 256 - 207$
  • iPhone X 64 / 256 - 240$
  • iPhone XR 64 / 128 / 256 - 286/302$
  • iPhone XS 64 / 256 - 313$
  • iPhone 11 64 / 256 - 433$
  • iPhone 12 64 / 128 - 548$
  • iPhone 12 Mini 64 / 128 469$

Curator: Elena

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Supply of electronics with Sinomobi

If you have an intention to order a batch of any electronics from China you want to get clear information about the supplier (manufacturer) quickly, negotiate favorable terms easily, be able to move freely. To achieve all of those you can use our services.

  • We are ready to solve the problem of communication, including technical ones;
  • We are ready to pick up electronics according to your TOR;
  • We help prepare the negotiations;
  • We help you make the right decision about delivery;
  • We provide fast and reliable delivery from the manufacturer;

The cost of consolidation services, storage of goods in our warehouse in China

With subsequent Sinomobi delivery Without subsequent Sinomobi delivery
Cargo acceptance free free
Packaging or repackaging from $8 from $15
Consolidation free from $10 per place
Storage free from $ 50 per m3
  • Cargo acceptance
    After shipment the goods immediately arrive for delivery at the loading terminal or our warehouse.
  • Packaging and repackaging of goods
    After receiving the goods to the warehouse, we pack or repack them if necessary. Types of packaging material: strong cardboard boxes, waterproof bags, wooden pallets, packaging film, tapes resistant to opening, etc.
  • Cargo consolidation in our warehouse in China
    We carry out consolidation, form a combined cargo if necessary.
  • Storage
    Before departure for delivery your goods can be stored in our warehouse in China for up to 5 days.

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