Delivery of goods from China
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Car transportation from China

Car transportation is the optimal way. In comparison with air transportation, it is more affordable and faster than rail or sea transportation at the same time.

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Using our car transportation, you get:

1. The possibility of choice

If you need cargo transportation of small batches of goods, then you can use the service of car transportation of combined cargoes.

2. Cost

In China, there are different options for delivery routes by heavy trucks. We choose the best road route, which in your case will be the fastest.

3. Security

Reliable motor vehicles ensures safety of transportation and inviolability of your goods at every stage.Starting from the acceptance of the cargo in China, our forwarders monitor its integrity and safety.

4. Exact delivery cost

We offer turn-key deliveries.You always know the exact cost without additional sudden positions in the invoice.

5. Tracking

You are always aware of where your cargo is located at the moment. Our managers are always ready to provide information about its movement and the exact time of delivery.


Car transportation from China to the regions, bypassing Moscow

Mastered logistics is our pride. We can deliver goods directly to the regions! Which, of course, is beneficial for you: cargo transportation turns out to be cheaper and faster.

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Our advantages in the car transortation of goods from China to Russia

  • Unique routes
    Mastered logistics allow you to purchase, ship and transport goods by the most logical and optimal route. In some cases, only road transportation is possible from China, since transport hubs are located far from the sea.
  • Own logistics developments
    We know how to ship your cargo most efficiently. We will calculate everything and offer the shortest and most profitable route.
  • Full package of services
    We can arrange both part of the work on the car transportation of goods and provide full support in China, starting from making a purchase and completing it with you receiving your goods. All questions to achieve this goal lie with us.
  • Representatives in China
    Our representatives work right in China, who are engaged both in the processes of cargo transportation by cars, negotiations, dealing with documentation, branding of your products and other important issues for your business. At the same time, we are completely on your side and ready to help you in solving any issues.
  • Matching value and price
    Optimization, acceleration, logic and rationality - these principles guide us not only in relation to internal work, but also in working with clients. Therefore, we can afford to set affordable prices for car transportation without compromising quality.

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