Delivery of goods from China
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Sinomoby Express
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Delivery of goods from Taobao

An intermediary for working with Taobao #1. We provide a customer with product options and then our employees deal with the purchase and delivery process.

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The country's largest online store, Taobao, operates on the Chinese market. You can buy almost anything on it. Its clients can be people and companies from all over the world. However, the disadvantage is that the store's interface is in Chinese.

In addition, to become a buyer on Taobao you need to have a mobile number of a Chinese telecom operator and a Chinese bank account to register on the store's website. Taobao intermediaries function to solve this problem. Their employees know Chinese well, so purchases through them are made easily and efficiently.

Our company can safely call itself a wholesale intermediary #1. It is enough for our customers to choose a necessary product or entrust the search and our employees will take care of the purchase and delivery process.

Условия сотрудничества

Мы предоставляем сервис и услуги по заказам

от 5000$

Achieved results of work:

  • We ship goods from China to 10 countries around the world.
  • At the beginning of 2022 we have shipped more than 2 million items of goods.
  • Most of the partners and clients turned to the recommendation.
  • The typical delivery period is from 10 to 14 days.
  • You can order goods from the 4 largest Chinese online stores.
  • There are 50 employees working in its sorting center.

Curator: Elena

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The cost of consolidation services, storage of goods in our warehouse in China

With subsequent Sinomobi delivery Without subsequent Sinomobi delivery
Cargo acceptance free free
Packaging or repackaging from 8$ from 15$
Consolidation free from 10 $ per place
Storage free from $ 50 per m3
  • Cargo acceptance
    After shipment the goods immediately arrive for delivery at the loading terminal or our warehouse.
  • After receiving the goods at the warehouse we pack or repack them if necessary. Types of packaging material: strong cardboard boxes, waterproof bags, wooden pallets, packaging film, tapes resistant to opening, etc.
  • Cargo consolidation in our warehouse in China
    We carry out consolidation, form a combined cargo if necessary.
  • Storage
    Before departure for delivery your goods can be stored in our warehouse in China for up to 5 days.

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Our advantages

  • own warehouse network throughout China + consolidation = your cost reduction;
  • providing our customers with a high level of service;
  • tracking all shipments;
  • modern equipped warehouses;
  • cargo safety guarantee;
  • possibilities for storing all types of goods.

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We will make a calculation and provide a full estimate