Delivery of goods from China
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Intermediary in China - your agent, representative and business escort

Establishing business contacts with China is more productive if several factors come together: you find an offer at a reasonable price from a reliable supplier in an adequate time, you are able to negotiate and receive your goods on time.

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Behind all the simplicity of these factors, there are important features that require knowledge of the Chinese language, careful preparation, consideration of the nuances of local culture, analysis and control. Sinomobi takes these issues upon itself and does it all for you!

We provide agency mediation services between Chinese and Russian businesses. We, as Russian Chinese-speaking intermediaries, help you turn cooperation with China to your advantage.


hat does the intermediary of goods from China do

Sinomobi provides services intermediary for organization of all stages of establishing business cooperation with China: to find and check a supplier, order and evaluate samples, buy goods, inspect quality, deliver to the customer. Direct interaction is hampered by the language barrier, the range of location, the inability to take into account all the nuances of Chinese culture and business. All these can be accompanied by financial costs, sometimes unexpected and unpredictable.

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In cooperation with us you get

  • the highest level of service;
  • affordable prices;
  • rational and most profitable delivery routes;
  • focus on long-term cooperation.

Intermediary services of goods from China via the Internet

The intermediary company is responsible for all the work on the preparation of the necessary documentation related to the import of goods, customs, taxes of China and Russia. Moreover, our interaction can be built not only in your personal visits to China but also remotely via the Internet. We provide all the services of a direct intermediary without your participation - you only receive your goods.

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