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OEM production of goods under your own brand in China

We help our clients to organize profitable cooperation with China and order the production of OEM products under their own brand.

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OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is an enterprise that produces goods for the purpose of selling them under other brands. Such enterprise manufactures goods under a contract.


What OEM products does China produce

  • the cost of OEM products is much lower than of retail goods;
  • these products are often not exclusive;
  • they are supplied with minimal equipment;
  • they may have regular packaging that guarantees only safe transportation.

Curator: Anton

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What do I need to start manufacturing in China under my own brand?

The idea of own production also takes place here, but it must be understood that it involves a high level of costs at the initial stage. Yes, it will pay off in the future, but to achieve that it is necessary to make considerable marketing, logistics, managerial, managerial efforts. Therefore, OEM production under its own brand wins in this sense. The result can be seen quickly, without huge investments and responsibility for the functioning of an entire manufacturing enterprise in China.

If you have already decided what exactly you want to order for OEM production, then it's time to find a suitable and reliable contractor in China. The factories of China compete very much and do not want to take on the costs of storage. Therefore, dumping is practiced. On this wave of mutual benefit, when you want easy and fast production, and the Chinese side wants full utilization of its production facilities and fast shipment, extremely successful contracts are obtained. Finding them, agreeing and organizing everything is our job, in the process of which all participants benefit.

You can order the production of OEM products under your brand and get all the advantages of such business. We will help you find special conditions and China will do its work quickly and efficiently under our control.

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