Delivery of goods from China
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Payment and delivery of goods from China under special conditions

We are very pleased that every year the partnership between Russia and China is becoming more global, so we are ready to offer favorable conditions for Russian businessmen. And here's why.

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Special terms of payment and delivery of goods from China for our customers

A huge, unique, our own database of reliable suppliers, selectivity and thorough verification before entering into a contract. Our clients are insured against sudden financial and temporary losses.

Curator: Vadim

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We optimize and save your money at every stage

1. We act within your budget

Based on a huge database of suppliers and a large number of standard contracts, we will find the perfect balance in terms of payment, quality of goods, delivery from China.

2. We agree with the postmen about the price

Knowledge of negotiation processes, Chinese business mentality and vast experience help us negotiate most favorable offers for you.

3. We provide turn-key services

The full range of services includes all the processes of your company's work in China: payment, minimum effort, paperwork and delivery of goods.

4. Optimization of delivery

Special routes allow you to reduce shipping costs. We calculate the delivery in such a way that you can save money, which means you can get more goods at a lower price

5. Quick purchase shipment control

When we check the shipment, you can be sure of the timing, quality and quantity of the goods, the absence of defects and other emergency expenses that can decrease profitability.

6. We provide installments

Special working conditions allow you to postpone payment: order the delivery of goods from China now and pay later.

7. We protect your interests

As a representative of your business in China we fully undertake solution of all kinds of issues.

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