Delivery of goods from China
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Personal Manager in China

This set of services will help you not to waste time learning the language and the specifics of this type of business, but to spend these resources on solving important strategic tasks.

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The intention to start a business with China is always associated with issues of language and the ability to negotiate profitably for yourself.

We provide services of a personal manager in China who will take on responsibilities of organizing all cooperation processes, starting with searching according to your criteria and completing with you receiving your goods.


Your personal manager will advise you at all stages:

  • search and verification of products and suppliers;
  • negotiations and deal;
  • payment and transfer of goods;
  • customs clearance and preparation of documentation;
  • storage and delivery.

Possibilities of interaction

  • remotely without your presence in China;
  • we will help you prepare and plan your visit to China, both personal and corporate.

If you need an initial consultation on any questions or to calculate the route and delivery of your goods, fill in the feedback form and we will call you back!

Curator: Elena

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Advantages of cooperation with Sinomobi

If you have an intention to work with China, you want to get comprehensive information about goods and manufacturers as fast as possible, negotiate favorable terms easily, be able to move freely. You can use our services of an interpreter and a driver to do so.

  • solve the problem of communication between the parties;
  • understand the Chinese party clearly;
  • prepare for negotiations;
  • create a trusting atmosphere between the parties;
  • make strategically correct decisions;
  • communicate with Chinese partners naturally and be understood;
  • smooth out the difference of mentalities and build a profitable cooperation.

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