Delivery of goods from China
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Our experience here in China tells us that finding the cheapest goods with subsequent delivery is not as easy as it seems. There is always a risk of encountering unscrupulous suppliers. Therefore, the assistance we provide is a guarantee of reliability, security of transactions and quality of goods.


What do product search services include?

  • We accept your requirements for the goods, volumes, suppliers, time of shipment.
  • We carry out primary and secondary searches and selection of candidates
  • We study each counterparty and its products in more detail, we select several options from them.
  • We send them to you for approval to make a decision.
  • We consult you, clarify all the moments and provide explanations if necessary.
  • We work until we get the final result.

Search and delivery of goods from China

A developed system for searching and selecting suppliers and manufactured goods according has 120 criteria. It allows us to assess the full picture for each of them. At this stage, half of the success of profitable cooperation with China is laid, so it is important to make a high-quality search.

The cost of searching for suppliers and goods in China with subsequent delivery: We are ready to undertake the entire process from search to delivery.

Curator: Elena

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Advantages of cooperation with Sinomobi

If you have an intention to work with China, you want to get clear information about goods and manufacturers as fast as possible, negotiate favorable terms easily, be able to move freely. You can use our services of an interpreter and a driver to do so.

  • solve the problem of communication between the parties;
  • understand the Chinese party clearly;
  • prepare for negotiations;
  • create a trusting atmosphere between the parties;
  • make strategically correct decisions;
  • communicate with Chinese partners naturally and be understood;
  • smooth out the difference of mentalities and build a profitable cooperation.