Delivery of goods from China
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Wholesale Clothing from China

Wholesale clothing from Suppliers in China. The best combination of speed/price/reliability.

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Wholesale clothing supplies. Favorable prices. A diverse selection of products. Tight delivery times. Our company's specialists will help you establish business contacts with manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality branded clothing and choose models that correspond to current fashion trends.
We supply all kinds of clothing from China - men's, women's, children's, homewear, for leisure and sports. In any volume, from new collections, with markings, factory production. We work only with trusted suppliers and guarantee compliance with the terms of the contract. We will fully take over the organizational aspects and documentary support of the transaction

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Criteria for the supply of clothing from us:

  • We guarantee high quality of clothing.
  • We focus on different segments of customers.
  • We work only with proven manufacturers.
  • All clothing corresponds to the images in the photo and the product safety requirements.
  • We pack your order securely

We organize the delivery of clothing from door to door

We organize the delivery of clothing from door to door Due to the presence of our own database of manufacturers and suppliers of clothing from China we can offer optimal conditions for cooperation. And at the same time we take on not only the search for the goods you are interested in but also negotiating, quality control, customs clearance, calculation of the cost of delivery, search for optimal logistics solutions.

If you are faced with the task of ordering a wholesale batch of clothing from China, our company's specialists will undertake the work of preparing clear product specifications and requirements for the quality and safety of imported products.

Curator: Elena

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Clothing Supply with Sinomobi

You can use our services when you need to find the most up-to-date clothing models on the Chinese market, verify the quality of the product and the reliability of the supplier, buy the selected product - just provide us with a link to the supplier or product, we will do the rest for you.

  • We can assist in organizing and conducting negotiations.
  • To agree on favorable terms of cooperation.
  • To check and ship the goods.
  • Prepare all the necessary documents.
  • To ensure the safe execution of the transaction.

The cost of consolidation services, storage of goods in our warehouse in China

With subsequent Sinomobi delivery Without subsequent Sinomobi delivery
Cargo acceptance free free
Packaging or repackaging from $8 from $15
Consolidation free from $10 per place
Storage free from $ 50 per m3
  • Cargo acceptance
    After shipment the goods immediately arrive for delivery at the loading terminal or our warehouse.
  • Packaging and repackaging of goods
    After receiving the goods to the warehouse, we pack or repack them if necessary. Types of packaging material: strong cardboard boxes, waterproof bags, wooden pallets, packaging film, tapes resistant to opening, etc.
  • Cargo consolidation in our warehouse in China
    We carry out consolidation, form a combined cargo if necessary.
  • Storage
    Before departure for delivery your goods can be stored in our warehouse in China for up to 5 days.

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