Delivery of goods from China
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1. We take all the features of your cargo into account

First of all, it is features of the cargo. Small batches, fragile or expensive cargos, medical and perishable goods, jewelry, electronics, samples of goods at the stage of choosing a supplier in China are suitable for express air delivery.

Urgent shipments, packages of documents are also sent by plane. You can ship goods from China from 50 kg as part of a combined cargo, which is extremely convenient for express delivery of small batches or ordering product samples.


2. We reduce shipping risks for our customers

Exports from China by air are restricted for some types of cargo: flammable and some other types of goods are prohibited for air delivery, and for other types an increased tariff is applied, as it is to liquids. There is also a nuance in size: the size of the cargo compartment of the aircraft is strictly limited.

A significant advantage of air delivery is the reduction of risks for cargo, since it arrives to the recipient much faster and therefore is less prone to deformations. However, it should be borne in mind that additional costs for customs clearance and terminal fees are required.


3. We will deliver as soon as possible

Another group of features of air transportation includes infrastructure and weather factors. China's well-developed air transportation infrastructure includes many airports, where cargo gets to the loading terminal in the shortest possible time preparing to go to its destination.

For the most part, express air transportation from China is carried out through Moscow, so the time frame of the delivery of goods to the regions of Russia is lenghened, but still remains fast.

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Prices and tariffs for express air delivery from China

The price of air delivery to Russia is based on the calculation of the rate per kg - same as when taking luggage on an airplane, and transportation from China turns out to be profitable with a price-quality-time ratio. The exact price for delivery is calculated by the logistics specialist of our company withing 1 working day.


The cost of consolidation services, storage of goods in our warehouse in China

With subsequent Sinomobi delivery Without subsequent Sinomobi delivery
Cargo acceptance Free Free
Packaging or repackaging from $8 from 15$
Consolidation free from 10 $ per place
Storage free from 50 $ per m3
  • Cargo acceptance
    After the shipment goods immediately arrive for delivery at the loading terminal or our warehouse.
  • Packaging and repackaging of goods
    After receiving the goods at a warehouse, we pack or repack them if necessary. Types of packaging material: strong cardboard boxes, waterproof bags, wooden pallets, packaging film, tapes resistant to opening, etc.
  • Cargo consolidation in our warehouse in China
    We carry out consolidation, form a combined cargo if necessary.
  • Storage
    Before departure for delivery, your goods can be stored in our warehouse in China for up to 5 days.